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Japanese Team



MISAKO „TERRI“ TERUI - Innovative top-player in investment banking
Based in New York, U.S.A.

Misako served variety of roles in investment banking including an executive management position in Japan and the US. She has a network of more than 300 institutional investors around the world. Misako provides Family office services for wealthy people in the fields of Education, Art and Real estate.
(Fluent in Japanese and English)


KAORU NAKAMURA - Innovative Banker

Based in Tokyo, Japan


After more than 30 years of professional experience at Trust Bank, Swiss PB and the related market, Kaoru serves as an expert of merger for financial institutions, accounting and PB business. He is a successful adviser in the Family office business for wealthy people. 

FO Team


TADAHIRO KAJIYAMA - Medical Doctor, PhD,  Entrepreneur

Based in Tokyo, Japan


After more than 15 years of experience as a physician, he worked in the financial field to reform medical insurance. He operates multiple businesses, including investment advisory service, money broker, crypt currency exchange, and an IT security company.


HITOSHI UEDA - Innovative Architect, SO architecs & associates
Based in Tokyo, Japan

As a world-renowned architect, he acted as Mr. Kisho Kurokawa's right arm, took command over large projects and became independent in 2005. Hitoshi successfully engaged in urban developments, architecture and interior design in Asian countries. He is passionately engaged in the fields of music, fashion, art and real estate.



Based in Tokyo

Hideki is the CEO and owner of UNIQ TABLE, an innovative Project Design Company and Digital Marketing Agency. He graduated from Keio University with a Bachelor of Law in 2013. He began his career at Mitsubishi UFJ financing enterprises. Later on he worked in Investment Banking at Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co. LTD.  where he was part of the M&A Advisory group. In 2018 his current company UNIQ TABLE. He is now responsible for designing and directing the Tourism Strategy Project of Tokyo Metropolitan University as well as supporting the expansion of local Japanese companies to the global markets.




Basedn in Tokyo


Kunihiro has expertise in Data Mining and Machine Learning. He is running his own data science company, providing his clients with advisory service, data analysis and implementation of ML algorithm. He is also pursuing his enthusiasm for data mining by conducting his research as a doctoral student at the University of Tokyo. Before starting his own business, he was a data scientist of Boston Consulting Group, a research engineer at the University of Tokyo and an analyst at Morgan Stanley. He obtained his B.Eng. and M.Eng. at the University of Tokyo.


TAKAHIKO SAITO - Innovative Entrepreneur, Business Investor
Based in Tokyo, Japan

Takahiko is active in the fields of Education, Health care and Technology market. He is a creator of interesting investment opportunities for HNWI. Furthermore, Takahiko offers personal branding for successful people and acts as an agent in the publishing business and event planning.  Takahiko is well connected in China. (Fluent in Japanese and English)

Swiss Team


JILL WHITNEY - Global Financial Analyst and Client Advisor
Based in Zurich

Jill began her career in the financial markets as a stock broker in Hong Kong before moving into private banking in Geneva and New York where she worked for several large banks and financial institutions. Simultaneously Jill has always been active in the research and writing of global financial newsletters for client distribution. In recent years Jill has spent her time independently administering and controlling large private client portfolios offering a family office type service including a focus on compliance and regulatory issues.

(Fluent in English, German, and French)


MARK DANGEL - Independent Asset Manager 
Based in Zurich


Mark is a Wealth Manager for private clients and has been active in the finance industry for over 25 years. He has investment experience in Switzerland and Emerging Markets. In 2002, he founded Dangel Asset Management after co-founding and leading a Swiss merchant bank in different senior management positions and a private bank. Mark was CFO of his family construction company. He managed a hedge fund as a partner of a Swiss based independent asset manager. He started his career as a salesman at JPMorgan in Zurich and New York after graduating from University of St. Gallen.

(Fluent in German, English, French, and Italian)



Based in Zurich

Enrique worked in his young career in several fields connected to his studies. He started off working in sales for a small IT-company selling various products. After acquiring several individual skills, such as Premiere Pro or FL Studio he also did Websites for various smaller companies. Right now he is working in the field of asset and wealth management, where he is widely involved in the portfolio management process in Zurich. During his banking & finance studies not only did he strengthen the traditional finance skills, but also pursue his passion for the digital and technical industry. By taking courses in several programming languages such as Python and R he tries to connect the traditional approach of finance to the new technologies digitalization brings with it. In doing that he also worked out a strategy to cryptonize a traditional swiss private bank. (German, English, French, Italian)

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