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1. Money Talks
Learn about the financial basics

KSG provides lectures on basic knowledge about money and provide individual consultation from a neutral perspective.

The content of the lecture is useful for the education of the next generation and preparation for retirement.

  • Talk about the 1-4 pillars of social security

  • Explanation of each point

  • Basic information on finance and investment

  • Question and answer session

Money Talks

2. Advising
Do it for you

  • Go to another market

KSG has the capability and the contacts to help you with different market approaches. KSG has great experience in the Swiss and Japanese market. Not only will KSG open up it's connections, but also help with the strategy development.

  • Scale up 

KSG is able to scale up your business through sophisticated ways, taking the knowledge of personal experience. Through different strategies KSG will allow it's client to grow above average.

  • Business enforcement

Through well thought through business models KSG will enforce your business and bring it to the next level.


3. Mentoring
Do it with you

  • Network

As a Mentor KSG will open up its huge network, ranging from finance, over family offices, to the tech-industry in Europe, the US and Asia. Once you have access to KSGs network, a lot of doors will open and a lot more possibilities pop up.

  • Experience

KSG, and with that espacially Dr. Katsura Suzuki, will not only share her business experience, but also her personal experience with the client in order to grow and develop ideally. Business development not only builts on knowledge, but also on the right mindset which is mostly acquired through experience.

  • Knowledge

KSG will open up and give access to all the knowledge and will try to answer every question to its best knowledge. This can be regarding personal questions, as well as business regards.


4. Partnering
What we aim for

  • Incentivise

Once KSG becomes a partner it will be in KSGs highest interest to grow and develop the clients business. Not only will KSG invest as a partner, but also incentivise the client to make the best out of every possibility. KSG and its client are now in the same boat.

  • Fundraising

KSG starts to raise funds in order to enable its clients growth. It helps the client to raise funds but will also pursue that goal on its own.

  • Support

KSG will support its Client on every level at any time.

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